Gratuity Not Included

16156026_Front Cover.4182965Three years after high school graduation and after quitting college, childhood friends Marcelo and Barry find themselves waiting on tables at the popular Vineyard Restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL. A year earlier, they had made a pact to save and open a place of their own one day, but Barry’s wasteful spending had derailed those plans. One evening Barry is captivated by Emily, a new waitress on vacation from her studies at Miami State, but her eyes are set on Marcelo. Soon, their lives intertwine in the summer of 1978—a season that would bear rewards for heroism, the bliss of romantic love, and the despair of insanity…

Gratuity Not Included will strike a chord with every reader who has questioned his best-laid plans, has been inspired by love, or has been bound by loyalty.



Sticks of Fire: The Turning Point

Book Cover 195Orlando finds himself unemployed, destitute, and unable to let go of a painful past. Antonio, an old-timer in recovery, tries to help and spare Orlando the years of pain he experienced as a young man. But Orlando rejects his helping hand and denies he needs help. Short on job offers, Orlando takes a job at the Lighthouse Inn, a recovery halfway house, unaware of the turn his life would take.

Sticks of Fire: The Turning Point presents a window into life in the Tampa Bay Area in colorful scenes and with memorable characters. Most of all, it offers an inspirational story of purpose and triumph. It shows what happens when people believe in themselves again, pull together, and earn a second chance. It is a story of love, friendship, and hope.

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