Reviews of Sticks of Fire: The Turning Point

Book Cover 195Sticks of Fire transcends the typical after-school special tropes of addiction and recovery tales and, instead, rises to the level of art.”
Small Press Reviews
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“Such a compelling story. It gives hope, but doesn’t paint everything rosy and cheery. It’s honest, sometimes brutally, but that is what makes this story. As someone whose family has recently had to endure the effects of alcoholism and attempted suicide, this book came at such a pertinent time for me, allowing me to hold my head up, move on, and hold fast to the beauty of life, the miracle of change, and the belief that time truly can heal all wounds.”
—Connie K.

“I read extensively and I enjoyed this story tremendously. As a recovering alcoholic, sometimes I tend to forget the agony that accompanied the addiction, but this passed before my eyes at a time when I needed the reminder. Thanks to Ricardo Estrada for reminding me that hope is always there; sometimes it can be pricey, but it’s always worth the expense. Drama at its gritty best.”
—Bill A.

“One frequently reads of tragedies that occur with people whose lives are ruined by addiction. Although Sticks of Fire depicts this reality, it also portrays a real sense of hope (and triumph). The Thunderbolts’ victory, and vindication, on the basketball court gives the reader hope, regardless of the obstacles that might be encountered in life.”
—W. Falcone from Brandon, FL

“A story of hope and inspiration for the recovering individual. This book tackles the struggles and challenges of finding one’s way to the ‘rooms’ of recovery. Identification with the characters comes alive, as they step out of the book and into your heart.”
—D. Kincaid from Hackensack, NJ