Short-Story Writing Classes for Seniors

BooksShort-story writing classes for seniors start on March 23, 2015 at the Carter Burden Center for the Aging in New York, NY.  I’m happy to have found a center where I can offer these classes on a volunteer basis. It will be a six-week short-story writing class for beginners. Each week we will cover different topics such as:

  • What is the basic idea of the story? What is the plot?
  • Drama makes for an interesting story. What does the main character want and what stands in the way?
  • How to write dialogue that reveals personality and moves the plot.
  • Write scenes that work and move the plot forward.
  • What is the crisis/conflict in the story?
  • Does the crisis/conflict dramatize and complete the author’s intention in the story?

The class will also provide a window into a typical fiction writers’ group. For those who’d like feedback on their  writing, from myself and other in class, they will have to opportunity to read what they have written each week. This will help shape the stories. I am looking forward to this fun experience.

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